Fl Studio 8

2009-07-04 12:11:02 by Nampzz

i won't be able to do music on Fl studio 8 for a while coz i wiped my comps memory coz it kept freezing

The Final Countdown!

2009-05-06 11:56:17 by Nampzz

I am making a remix the one and only, the famous The Final Countdown
It is sort of similar to the real thing by Europe except that it has it's own little bit's and peices that are different anyway this is my first remix so don't go hard on the comments or reviews when i submit it.

Anyway thanks again

- Nampzz

Pico Day is here!!!

2009-04-30 02:53:09 by Nampzz

PLay the new latest games about Pico (with NG medals).

Pico's School


Pico Blast


Have Fun

Pico Day Is Here

2009-04-30 02:48:00 by Nampzz

Play the new latest games(with NG medals) that are about pico.

Pico's School

Fear Unlimited Issue 2 (Glitch)

2009-04-12 05:17:31 by Nampzz

How To Fly On Fear Unlimited Issue 2

First of all jump up against the wall.

Next push down the A key and keep hold.

Finally push the right arrow key and hold it whilst you are holding the A key and you should move from left to right against the wall to one of the big pole things.


2009-03-17 15:33:04 by Nampzz

I submitted a new song to newgrounds and it is called Distressful so keep a good old look out for it, it is my 4th song on newgrounds


2009-02-27 16:52:16 by Nampzz

Bored to hell and i have a new song coming so keep looking

It's fixed

2009-02-22 07:38:38 by Nampzz

WooHoo my synthisizer is working again so now i can make music for you all again

My music maker

2009-02-19 13:58:38 by Nampzz

Right my music maker thing has gone weird and it won't let me use one of the synthesizers so i can't make music for a while until i get fixed.

ME !!

2009-02-10 14:48:40 by Nampzz

I am Nampzz and i will make music if you request it, but i make music of my own aswell as yours and it might take a while so be patient =]